Snow and Ice Management

It takes more than a couple of pick-up trucks to meet the challenges presented by a winter storm, regardless of the size of your property.

Peel Landscaping has invested significantly in snow specific equipment such as heavy duty front end loaders, salt trucks and large Agricultural tractors with 12’-20’ blades to handle whatever challenges winter can throw at us. All our equipment and operators are radio dispatched and GPS tracked to allow our operations headquarters to efficiently monitor and control our fleet movements.

With over 25 plus years of winter season experience behind us, Peel Landscaping has developed proven strategies for dealing with all types of snow and ice events. All our sites our regularly patrolled to ensure optimum safety standards are consistently met. We service all ranges of sites from a simple 6 car parking lot to large multi-tenanted plazas. We can custom tailor your contract to meet your site specific needs. We would be glad to discuss your requirements with you.